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We support small wineries so you can try something a little bit different

We taste every wine we purchase (tough job!) so we are constantly updating our range with new wines, we only sell what we know is good value. We only sell what we believe in. 

To quote one of our regulars

” You know whether you buy a wine for $20 or $50 it’s going to be a good one” 

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Here's just a few of our faves in store

Delicious Reds

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Succulent Sparkles

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Things about Wine You Didn’t Know!


1788 Our first cuttings

Wine cuttings were brought to Sydney Cove in 1788 by Captain Auther Phillips. This soon proved not to be a great spot for growing wine so the vines were moved closer to the Hunter Valley and later popped up in the Barossa Valley, rest is history.


Wine Pairing Guide

Firstly we believe drink what you like, that being said you can improve your food and wine experience by following a few guidelines which we can help you with at Uncorked Wines. For Example Pair lighter wines with lighter dishes and bolder wines with heavier dishes. When in doubt a lovely dry rose will compliment most dishes.Sparkling wines aren't just for special occasions. They're exceptional palate cleaners which means they are great with fatty dishes, think macaroni cheese and our Clover Hill 2014 Vintage Tasmanian bubbles!


Pinot Noir

Is both a grape and the name of the wine varietal. Versatile grape which can be used to make both red and white wine including champagne.The name comes from the French word for "pine" because the grapes grow in pine cone-shaped clusters.-They are temperamental and difficult to cultivate- Flavour profile varies widely but is generally light bodied, smooth and silky. Great paired with Charcuterie, soft cheeses ,gamey meats ,let's face it you can make it work with most foods.


Why do we like our Gin ?

One of the great things about Gin is that it is highly versatile, depending on the manner it is distilled and processed it can take on different strengths, tones and tastes. Great in cocktails even James Bond and H.R.H are known to partake in a drop! A shot of gin has an average of 72 calories in case anyone is counting.


It is 100 years since Prohibition

was introduced in the U.S.A. it lasted 13 years proving to be a miserable failure. Alcohol became more dangerous to consume with the introduction of moonshine, crime became more organised, corruption of public officials was rampant and speakeasies (hidden locations) outnumbered closed saloons!


Is decanting wine necessary?

Is decanting wine necessary? Unlike all those kitchen accessories we accumulate and don't use, a decanter looks great and serves a purpose. It helps wine smell and taste better, elevating an otherwise average wine experience into a great one.!